The race will utilize the Levee Trail and also the very fast and fun River Trails in Lawrence, Kansas. These trails are rideable by absolutely anyone! Experienced mountain bikers and trail runners love these trails because you can flat out FLY on these trails, and it is the perfect combination of hairpin turns to keep racers in single track heaven while riding and running them. If you have never ridden the River Trails in Lawrence, you are in for a treat!

The entire course will be marked for racers. Race Headquarters (Start / Finish) will be located in the main grassy area next to the 8th Street Trailhead. Below is the course. We promise you that no matter if you are a runner, biker, paddler, triathlete or adventure racer....YOU WILL HAVE FUN at the Wakarusa Off-Road Challenge!!

Leg 1: Trail Running (2.2 miles) - LEG 1 MAP
The race will start on the Levee Trail near the 8th Street Parking Lot and Boat Ramp (the trailhead). Racers will start with a 2.2 mile run to get the heart pumping. The first mile will be on the Levee Trail and the next 1.2 miles will be on the north side of the River Trails. Racers will return to the Race Start / Finish (the main Transition Area) and start mountain biking.

Leg 2: Mountain Biking (17.2 miles) - LEG 2 MAP
After the trail run, racers will complete a 17 mile mountain biking leg of the race. The River Trails are rideable for riders of every skill level, but the faster you are able to take the corners the more fun you are going to have! From Race HQ, racers will follow the Levee Trail for a little less than 4 miles to the Mud Creek boat ramp and parking lot. Once there, teams will enter the River Trails and bike the south side of the River Trails back to Race HQ. Once back, teams will enjoy a complete loop - going clockwise - on the River Trails before returning to Race HQ. You have every reason to push hard on this last biking loop, and take those corners as fast as you can, because once you get back you have a nice, relaxing float down the Kansas River waiting for you.

Leg 3: Paddling (4.2 miles) - LEG 3 MAP
Racers will have the opportunity to give their legs a rest and test out their paddling skills on the Kansas River! Teams will paddle 4.2 miles down river from the 8th Street boat ramp to the Mud Creek boat ramp. Soloists must bring their own canoe or kayak to the race and 2-Person teams have the option of bringing their own canoe or renting a canoe from Race Management (no kayaks allowed for 2-Person teams). Give those legs a well deserved rest while you're paddling, because you're going to need them for the next running leg back to the finish line.

Leg 4: Trail Running (4.1 miles) - LEG 4 MAP
This is it. The money leg. Did you skip a few runs here and there and decide to hit happy hour instead? You might have wished you didn't on this last leg! The final leg of the Wakarusa Off-Road Challenge is a trail running (or walking!) leg back to the finish from the Mud Creek boat ramp. You will run the north side of the River Trails back to the Finish Line!

Total Miles Running: 6.3
Total Miles Biking: 17.2
Total Miles Paddling: 4.2

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