Below are the companies that support the Wakarusa Challenge and help make it a better race. Please check out their websites and support these companies and tell them how much you appreciate it! Thanks!

Kuat Racks
Team Kuat is comprised of avid cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, and fine ale connoisseurs. This motley crew of dreamers and schemers pool together their diverse talents and interests to bring you sharp design, quality products, and awesome customer service. The Kuat team embraces style and substance equally, but they don't stop there. With each product, they strive to improve the look and functionality, and then they find ways to exceed expectations through innovative features and impeccable detailing. Bottom line is this: Kuat Racks are by-far the best bike racks in the world. Hands down. Check out all of their racks and products on their website at www.kuatracks.com.

Sunflower Outdoor & Bike
Located in downtown Lawrence, Sunflower Outdoor & Bike is one of our favorite outdoor stores in the Midwest, and a regular stop for us when we need anything from outdoor gear, clothes, paddling gear, shoes, camping equipment, kayaks and paddling gear, biking gear and bikes. If you need something for the race, check out Sunflower Outdoor and Bike! Actually you can check out the store and check in to the race all at the same time, because racer check-in will be hosted here! To learn more about Sunflower Outdoor and Bike and where they are located in Lawrence, visit their website at www.sunfloweroutdoorandbike.com.

Garry Gribble's Running Sports
At Garry Gribble's Running Sports, every athlete is treated as an individual and every individual is treated as an athlete. Finding the right running and walking gear should be a comfortable experience. From the beginning walker or runner to the experienced racer, all of their customers will find the knowledge and expert advice they need. They train all of their employees to properly fit the best shoe for people of all backgrounds, body types, and experience levels. They also carry unusual sizes and widths and try to have a shoe for everyone. To learn more about Garry Gribble's and where they are located in Lawrence, visit their website at www.garrygribbles.com.

ZanfelĀ® Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Wash
Zanfel® Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Wash is a safe and effective topical solution for poison ivy, oak, and sumac. It is the only product known to remove urushiol, the toxin responsible for the reaction, from the skin after bonding, enabling the affected area to immediately begin healing. After using Zanfel, itching and pain are the first things to be relieved, usually within 30 seconds. To learn more about this amazing product, visit their website at www.zanfel.com.

Bass' River Resort
Bass' River Resort offers the best outdoor experience around! Enjoy camping and lodging along the banks of the beautiful Courtois River. Experience canoeing, kayaking, or rafting on the Courtois, Huzzah, or Meramec Rivers. They offer a variety of float trip options varying from a short 3 hour canoe trip all the way up to a leisurely 6 hour rafting trip. One of the best outdoor resorts in the Midwest! To learn more about Bass' River Resort, visit their website at www.bassresort.com.

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